Ways to Win Husband Back

Save Your MarriageIs it possible to Win Husband Back after going through tough times?  It might not be easy, but if it is what you want, you can win him back.  Have confidence and remember…

There were reasons that the two of you got married.  There were things about you that attracted him.  Many things can change over the years, but you are still the same person he married.  He loved you then and it’s likely that he still does, even if he doesn’t show it.  You have a history.

That’s something that no other woman has. Other women could be younger, prettier or smarter, but they don’t and cannot know him like you do. Don’t underestimate the power of knowing your husband inside and out, a man appreciates being taken care of no questions asked.

If your husband is not dating anyone, it could be easier than you think to get him back.  Men love to feel needed and he’s probably feeling lonely right now!

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So how do you get some time with him without blatantly stating your intentions? You might accidentally break something that you know he can fix. When he comes over to fix it for you, you can compliment him about how great he looks. You can be a little flirtatious. You can talk about some event that’s going on next weekend and ask if he’s going. Don’t bring up old problems, try to get back to the feeling that you shared when you first met.

If you look or act heartbroken, he will not be attracted to you. You need to show him how happy and confident you are before you can win your husband back. You might need to practice for a little while before you talk to him.  There is a funny thing about acting happy and confident.  If you do it long enough, you actually start to feel happy and confident and your husband will find this even MORE attractive.

If he still makes you angry somehow, you need to get over that before you even start up a conversation.  Nagging and yelling will never help you win husband back.  So, stop being angry and learn how to get what you want.

You know that men and women are different on the outside, but they think differently too.  Sometimes it is almost like they are speaking different languages.  In order to win husband back, you need to learn to speak his language. It is not surprising that most marriages end up in divorce court.  The average person simply does not have the education necessary to build happy relationships.  It doesn’t take a psychology degree, but it does take an understanding of the opposite sex.

There are great resources on the subject of marriage and relationships.  Take advantage of the online educational material available to you.

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