Help My Marriage – How To Get Back That Loving Feeling

Can this marriage be saved? Here's Your Guide to SuccessIt is becoming increasingly hard for relationships and marriages to survive. Divorce statistics are growing each year and more and more people are looking for help my marriage advice. The important thing is to realize that right here you will find some simple but powerful ways to restore that loving feeling in your marriage and to totally transform it into a your vision of a happy, successful marriage.

1. Bring Back The Romance

There is a romantic energy hiding within you right now that you need to unleash into your marriage. Don’t let it hide, slumbering within any longer and certainly don’t waste it on someone else! The best way to bring out this romantic energy is to forget that you are in a marriage and pretend that you are back at the courting stage of the relationship.

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Plan special romantic dates together and pretend that you have just fallen in love with your spouse and you want to express your love in as many ways as possible. Have fun with this, play around, and enjoy each others company.

2. Don’t Let Doing The Dishes Become More Interesting Than Having Sex

Sex is important in a relationship, never forget this fact! It should not be viewed as a chore, or some activity lacking in pleasure and enjoyment.  Many couples in a long marriage let the demands of life start taking over their sex lives. You need to make sex a priority in your marriage otherwise you will start looking at your spouse as more of a “friend” than a lover. Plus, sex is good for you.

For sex to happen, schedule it in, otherwise it might never happen at all. The worst thing you can do is to leave it to last thing at night when you are both tired from a long day and physically and mentally exhausted. This is not smart planning. Instead plan to have lovemaking sessions early in the day, even in the morning when you will be fresh. That’s not to say don’t be spontaneous, but in your mind, you can plan times and ways to seduce your unsuspecting partner that will get you having more exciting, spontaneous sex.

3. Be A Giver

We all like to receive special gifts and surprises, especially when it’s not a special occasion such as a birthday. Be a giver of gifts and give them from your heart without expecting anything in return. They do not need to be over the top, small gifts given with love will do wonders for you marriage.

Include a romantic card with your gift, and surprise them by hiding it somewhere they will least expect it. Think; handbag, briefcase, medicine cabinet, car set, jewelery box, etc. These gifts could be as simple as a freshly cut rose, some body lotion to rub on them later that night, jewelery, or a book of sexual positions to try out. Let your imagination run wild.

4. Make Love All Day Long

I am not talking about lovemaking, what I am talking about is being loving, understanding, appreciative, considerate, sensuous, and seductive. The key is to express these feelings all day long. You could even make a game of it, to see who can give the most love for the day.

These four help my marriage tips will go a long way in helping to bring back those fresh loving feelings you used to have when you first got together. And if you put all these tips into action you may find that your marriage becomes better that it ever was and you enter new, exciting, uncharted territory for the two of you to explore together.

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