Get My Husband Back – How To Put A Marriage Back Together

Save Your MarriagePutting a marriage back together again after it has fallen apart is not the easiest thing to do but it can be done. With careful learning and applying what you learn you will double your chances to get your husband back. The worst thing you can do is become trapped in your mind with thoughts such as, “It’s impossible to get my husband back”, or “My life is over now”. This will only put you in a negative and powerless state. So stop doing that now! Instead ask yourself, “how will I get my husband back?”

The first stage after a break up is to give your husband some space. This may sound counter intuitive but it is the best thing to do after a nasty break up or separation. The key is to use this time productively instead of falling into a state of sorrow. Stay busy during this time to help ease some of your emotions, as well as to reconnect with yourself again.

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Do not contact him at all during this stage, as most likely it will lead to further arguments, fighting and pain. When you are in a highly emotional state, you will make bad decisions and say things that you don’t mean. So stop all communication for the time being. Let him have some space to think about things and even miss you a little.

While you are on a break, it is important to go over your marriage in your mind and think about all the things that were right and what was wrong. Write a big list of answers and spend some time analyzing it and carefully thinking about what you wrote down. Now that you are wanting to get back together after this exercise it’s time for the next stage.

The next stage involves strategically thinking about what your husband found negative and what he found positive in the marriage and to come up with a big list. You want to be able to leave your shoes and step in his as you come up with answers. Try to view things from his perspective. After you have come up with a list, go through the negative factors and write solutions or things you could do to turn the negative factor into a positive one.

For instance if you wrote down, “my husband hated it when I didn’t give him space for himself”, the simple solution may be, “I will honor my husbands space and make sure that I give him some individual time to be with himself because I know he needs that”. Go through your whole list and write down the answers that you come up with. Remember you don’t want to bend over backwards for your husband or throw your needs, and morals out the window but you will need to make some changes to get him back.

After you have finished, do the same procedure with the positive list but this time write down ways in which you could bring back that positive aspect into the future. You want to write down specific and measurable actions you can take.

The third stage is to improve yourself and make yourself the best “you” that you can be. You should now have a list of solutions and positive actions you can take to make the marriage better. What you want to do is get out your trusty pen and paper again and write another list. This one will be a long list of things that you could do to improve yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

You could write down things such as, join the gym, start doing yoga, change my diet, go to a personal development seminar, seek out a therapist, read books about emotional management, relationships, or spirituality, take up meditation, go on a retreat, and so on.

After you have written your list, circle the top four or five items which you think will give you the best bang for your self development and then take massive action on the items you circled. If you chose to go to a gym, sign up for a membership and go for your first workout. If you wrote down see a therapist, explore your options, and then book a session. Don’t hesitate, do this right now!

The last stage is to plan a meet-up with your husband, you will already have been developing yourself for at least a few weeks by now, you should have made some changes, and you are aware of what happened when your marriage was at its best and when it was at its worst. You should be in a much better situation to resolve things with your husband and you will be able to demonstrate changes that you have made in the present and how they will continue in the future.

If you haven’t taken action on this information you have just learned, then get to it. If you are still lost in thoughts of how do I get my husband back remember that careful planing, understanding the four stages, and taking action will greatly multiply your chances of getting back together with your husband.

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